Japan’s largest GIF animation contest
Application period August 13, 2018 – November 5, 2018


Award of GIF creator

This will be the 30th year since the birth of the GIF animation in 1987
that file format which looked like it went obsolete during the 2000s
Due to the spread of mobile devices
its high affinity with light weight video needs and
video advertisement presentations
and finally, because it is a fun way to express one’s self, it has now been restored as an art form

GIF animations that send an “Interesting” impact to the world
GIF animations that will send a “Fun” impact to the world
GIF animations that will send a “Beautiful” impact to the world

Within that small loop, a large number of creators’ thoughts and feelings will be concentrated

theGIFs is a festival
within the “GIF experience”
that supports and rewards creators
who can emotionally move people

Award ceremony

December 8, 2018

Will be held at the HUMAX Cinema in Shibuya!

Special guests will be invited and the nominated works will be screened
Including previous award winning entries, many official works by GIFer, and GIFMAGAZINE STUDIO will be displayed in the building

More details scheduled to come closer to opening day!


Nobuaki Doi

Representative of New Deer Incorporated. Born in Tokyo in 1981. Festival director for the international animation film festival at New Chitose Airport. Whilst being a member of groups such as Animations Creators and Critics, and CALF, he conducted research on non-commercial, independent authors, mainly on the Russian author Yuri Norstein, through part time lecturing and being an assistant at different universities. He has actively engaged in trying to introduce the world’s animation works through planning and writing movie screening events. In 2015, he founded New Deer Incorporated. He is also proactively giving a start to the world’s animation talents and connecting them to places where they should belong.



“Milos Rajkovic, a.k.a. Sholim is a digital artist
from Belgrade whose artwork feel like a Max Ernst collage crossed with one of Terry Gilliam’s animations. Gaining admirers across the globe and becoming one of the most recognizable representative of the global internet phenomenon and new artistic form – GIF art


Yosuke Omomo

Born in 1985 in the Chiba prefecture. During his time in the Department of Design at Tokyo University of the Arts, he spent six years studying as an undergraduate student and later as a graduate student. During that time he devoted himself to his animation creations. Receiving awards at numerous film festivals for his animated works such as “Sparkling River” and “Farm music” acted as his chance to begin his endeavors as a freelance animation creator in 2011 whilst also completing his graduate course in the same year. He has served as the animation director, producer, and creator for television shows such as “Minna no Uta”, “2355”, “Shakin” and for commercials such as “Marokome x Tanita Restaurant” and “ANA CARD”. Lately he has been concentrating his efforts into his GIF animations and illustration creations.



Design consulting firm

Keisuke Todoroki

Adobe Systems Co., Ltd.


Administration of Japan’s largest GIF platform, “Number one lover of GIFs in Japan” creative group

Award Categories

Overall excellence award

One winner / 250,000 yen reward

Awarded to the single most outstanding entry that all of the judges in the final round have deemed excellent based on the “Move a heart in three seconds” GIF animations peculiarity, artistry, originality, message, etc.

Excellence award

6 winners / 30,000 yen reward each

Awarded to six outstanding entries that all of the judges in the final round have deemed excellent based on the “Move a heart in three seconds” GIF animations peculiarity, artistry, originality, message, etc.

Art category award

1 winner

Awarded to one work which has made the best use of artistic techniques and creative style.

Cinemagraph category award

1 winner

Awarded to one cinemagraphic entry for the use of original materials and theme selection, and one that is overflowing with surprise and passion.

Interactive category award

1 winner

Awarded to one GIF animation entry that has an unconventional style and was made with interesting methods and ideas.

Dot picture category award

1 winner

Awarded to one charming entry which showcases the good qualities of dot pictures.

Judges award

6 winners

Awarded by each judge to one entry that that they have individually selected based on their own opinion.

U-22 award

1 winner

Awarded to one entry, made by anyone under the age of 22, who appears to hold promise for the future.


Application period

August 8, 2018 – November 5, 2018 11:59pm

Please check the application guidelines and then submit your GIF entry.

Judging period

November 6, 2018 – November 23, 2018

The decision for the winners of the Excellence awards and other categories will happen after the judges’ careful selection.

Award ceremony and creation display event

December 8, 2018

The contest’s award ceremony will be held with special guests!



Adobe Systems Co., Ltd.